Steak types: T-Bone

Which part of the beef does this piece of meat come from?
The T-bone steak consists of a sirloin portion and a fillet portion, separated by a T-shaped bone.

What is special to the T-bone steak?
The mere size of it is imposing: The typical size for a T-bone steak is between 600 g to 800 g. The T-bone steak consists of two steaks in one piece of meat. It has a fillet part and a sirloin part. The latter is usually the bigger.

Where did the T-bone steak get its name from?
The T-bone steak received its name from the T-shaped bone which separates the two meat portions of this steak.

Which is the best way to prepare a T-bone steak?
We at Maredo grill our South American steaks on a gas grille, a traditionally proven method. You can find hints for preparation at home in our blog.

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