Steak types: Sirloin steak

Which part of the beef does this piece of meat come from? 
The sirloin is cut from the tenderest muscle meat in the loin. The sirloin steaks, together with their typical fat top, are cut from the sirloin.

What is special to the sirloin steak? 
A characteristic of the sirloin steak is a thin edge of fat. This gives the muscle fat underneath a wonderfully strong flavour. Therefore the sirloin steak is one of the most popular steak cuts ever.

Where did the sirloin steak get its name from?
The sirloin is the rear part of the animal. The sirloin steak is cut from the rear part of the loin of the animal; therefore this part gave the sirloin steak its name.

Which is the best way to prepare a sirloin steak?
We at Maredo grill our South American steaks on a gas grille, a traditionally proven method. You can find hints for preparation at home in our blog.

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